3 Interesting Applications To Try This Week

www.evoandroid.ga | 3 Interesting Applications To Try This Week -  For You music lover and hobby photos. we are obliged to really have a photography app that supports our hobby. Although taking a image use your phone, we can still produce nice images.  don't miss out on the application-the following applications to try.

3 Interesting Applications To Try This Week

Study Music

Did You know that music has an important function to improve concentration and our memory? Listen to music right from the app Study Music app developed by Lutalica can make the activity of learning, calm themselves, to work, to be better. This app is equipped with features that add alpha waves into music, so that it can raise awareness as well as additional nature sounds to improve memory in the brain. The advantage, You don't have to rely on an internet connection, because this app can be enjoyed offline.

MX Player

App MX Player not only can outsmart the movie without subtitle but also offers effect on the subtitle text is desired, such as the type and color of the font. You can also menzooming video being played. MX Player is also equipped with the ability to read many file formats of video. So, You do not need to worry with the form file from the video collection stored on the smartphone. An already popular first for PC and laptop, can now be downloaded on the Android platform with 2 versions, namely free and paid.

B612 APP

After the camera 360 success attracted the attention of enthusiasts of a photo of a selfie, the camera app is no less interesting, namely B612. App created by Line Corp has the filters vary. Just try Random Filters that help You pick the filter photo as you wish. Interestingly, the B612 remembers which filters You normally use and will pick it out for You. Another feature is the Timer, Vignette, Tilt-Shift, Selfie Stick, Selfie Videos, and share easily to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. This app is available on Android and iOS platforms.